Cutting dies and Strip steel cuts

We manufacture Cutting dies and Strip steel cuts for

 Automotive industry (Insulation materials, carpets, leather, artificial leather, foams...)

 Textileindustry (Fabric, nonwovens, ...)

 Printing industry (Paper, cardboard, boxes...)



 Sport goods (fiberglass plastics, carbon fiber plastics, ...)

1. Modifications of data and drawing creation

If desired w can digitize your patterns. We can use all major CAD formats  for further processing. (DXF, DWG, AI, PDF, CDR, IGES, STP, ....). The data must be prepared or redrawn for the laser cutting machine and the  bending machines

2. Lasercutting

lasercutting of the dieboards made of laser plywood, plastic or steel (also cutting boards) with our 2000 W  Lasercomb laser cutting system.

3. Bending and fit on

Most of the Strip steels between 19mm 2 Point and 60mm 4 Point (The thickness of the Strip steel is measured in Point: 2Pt=0,71mm / 3Pt=1,05mm / 4Pt=1,42mm) could be bend by our Bending machines (Serviform).

Very small and complex contours and strip steel heights from 60mm to 100mm are processed on the manual bending machines. (craftsmanship is still very important.) After that, the bent strip steels set into the  base plate and adjusted as necessary manually and brazed at the joints.

4. Ejection rubber

We select the perfect ejection material dependig on the stamping application or the punched material to push back the stamped part out of the cutting die. After completion and final inspection the cutting die is ready for shipping.

Kepp Stanztechnik Ges.m.b.H. in Lambach in Upper Austria - Cutting dies and Strip steel cuts