In our punching department are 10 punching machines available for individual manufacturing and mass production. Through in-house production of cutting dies (strip steel cuts) and cutting knives shortest delivery dates can be met.

Machine pool

2x Swing arm cutting machine 25 t 600 x 450 mm

Swing arm cutting machines are the right choice for smaller parts. You can produce fast, because the machines are very compact.

1x Crosshead die cutting machine
70 t 1000 x 1000 mm

This punching machine is very useful for the processing of materials on rolls. The material to be punched is pulled over the the cutting table. We mainly use this machine for rubber products.

Beam cutting machines


1xSchön&Sandt - 800 x 1600 mm - 80 t
2xSchön&Sandt - 800 x 2000 mm - 110 t
2xSchön&Sandt - 1000 x 2000 mm - 110 t
1xSchön&Sandt - 1600 x 2500 mm - 240 t

This punching machines are used in large-scale productions - for friction materials, leather, textiles, nonwovens, ...

1 x CNC Travelling Head Press Hawkes NC40
40 t with Cutting Belt width 1600mm

We are using this machine for large-scale productions. This punching machine is best suited for charging with rolls, but we can also use sheet materials on it. The punched parts are conveyed by an automatic cutting belt.


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